TIQBIZ is the preferred option of advising the school of your child’s absence.

Please download the TIQBIZ app from the App Store for use on phone and tablet devices.

Once dowloaded, five easy steps will enable access to the app where families are notified of news, messages, events and other communications. There is also a clearly identified option of advising a students absence.

  • Step 1 : Download Tiqbiz from your app store
  • Step 2 : Register
  • Step 3 : Search for – Kingsley Park Primary School – find and tick this option
  • Step 4 : ‘Tick’ the boxes which apply to you – when selected these become green and you’re connected
  • Step 5 : Click on the inbox icon – this is where you will receive instant messages, newsletters, notices and calendar events

If you are unable to access the TIQBIZ app, please ensure prompt communication is made via the school office on the day of your child’s absence.

The school office telephone number is 9789 0077.