Canteen is only open on Friday.

The Canteen is staffed by a Manager and Parent Volunteers from within the school. It is vitally important for the successful running of the canteen to have our parent volunteers. We need 2 helpers each Friday and we have a roster so dates can be booked. If you can help us, please let me know. You can drop into the canteen on a Friday or call Leigh Simpson 0407 823 799. The children love seeing their parents in the canteen serving them and their friends.

Current Canteen Menu

General Information The Canteen menu is planned on a term by term basis. This enables us to change our menu to offer lighter foods in warm weather and warmer meals in the cold. We follow the Education Department Guidelines. Children with allergies can be catered for. Parents need to contact the Canteen Manager so we can work out how best to accommodate your child.   Special Lunch Meals Each fortnight a Special lunch will be offered in addition to the regular choices. These meals are only available on the dates listed. If your child orders an item from a different date an alternative will be offered.   Ordering Orders need to be written on the outside of a brown paper bag clearly stating child’s name, grade and order. Payment is then placed inside the bag and then folded over. Correct payment is appreciated but change will be sent back in your child’s lunch order bag. Please make sure your child’s order is correctly written on the bag. Sometimes the canteen encounters problems when children do not specify flavours of drink or jelly colour. We will always ensure that late orders are filled or alternatives given. The children will not go without food. If you have any problems please call Leigh. Families with more than one child may combine the payment into one child’s lunch order bag. Please write on the bags which order contains the payment. At lunchtime, all the orders are collected from the Canteen by the classroom monitors and are taken back to the classroom for distribution by the teacher. Sometimes there will be minor issues with this, but the teachers will send the children back to the canteen and we will resolve the problems. Frozen Quelch sticks and Frozen yogurt blocks that are ordered on a lunch order will be given to the child upon presentation of the bag at the canteen during lunch play sales. This is to ensure they have time to eat their lunch before their frozen treat melts.   Lunch play Counter sales The canteen is open from 1:20pm – 1:45pm for counter sales. These items are the goodies listed in the snack/drink sections of the menu. Children line up in front of the canteen window and are served by the parents. Children do not need to spend a lot of money to buy a treat.