Extra Curricular

Extra Curricular and Enrichment Activities

Kingsley Park is pleased to offer a variety of extra-curricular and enrichment activities. At KPPS we believe in the value of activities that develop the 5 You Can Do It Keys; persistence, confidence, organisation, getting along and resilience. We endeavour to provide experiences that build on childrens’ learning, develop their self-esteem and co-operative and teamwork skills. Children are given opportunities to become involved in activities such as:

  • RACV Challenge
  • Concerts and Performing Arts
  • Special days
  • Sport Days
  • Camps
  • Incursions and Excursions
  • Chess
  • Band
  • SRC
  • Student Leadership

R.A.C.V Challenge

The RACV Energy Breakthrough is an exciting educational program designed to provide opportunities for students, teachers, parents and local industry to work together to design and construct a vehicle, machine or innovation in technology that will represent an ‘ energy breakthrough’.

At Kingsley Park, 5/6 students are offered the opportunity to be a part of the Kingsley Pushcart Team. On the weekend students must complete 3 elements. These are races, Design and Construction and a presentation.

Throughout the program students improve team work skills, presentation skills, and literacy and numeracy skills. Students have the opportunity to further investigate the science involved with a pushcart as well as improve their physical fitness.

Performing Arts

Kingsley Park involves children in the Performing Arts through concerts, productions and Wakakirri. Currently, we have a Prep concert, 1/2 concert and 3-6 production annually.

  1. 2015 Prep concert
  2. 2015 1/2 concert – Uno’s Garden
  3. 2015 3-6 production – Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies

Kingsley Park participates in Wakakirri every second year and we have enjoyed great success in this event.

Special Days

At Kingsley Park we enjoy celebrating special days and events. Our annual Easter Bonnet Parade is always a highlight of the school calendar, as is our Footy Pie Day.

  • We have also enjoyed:
  • Easter Bonnet Parade
  • Footy Pie Day
  • Olympic Games Ceremony
  • Literacy and Numeracy Week Scavenger Hunt
  • Father’s and Mother’s Day Breakfasts
  • Christmas Concert
  • Kingsley’s Got Talent
  • Wheelathon
  • Prep Christmas
  • The Ned Show


At Kingsley Park, children in Years 4 and 6 enjoy participating in 2 night/3 day outdoor education camps.

Currently, the Year 4s go to The Briars in Mt Martha, while the Year 6s go to Camp Waratah Bay.

Incursions and Excursions

The children at Kingsley Park enjoy the opportunity to experience many different experiences through the incursions and excursion that are planned to support the curriculum.

  • Chinese Museum
  • Myuna Farm
  • Hands On Science
  • Scienceworks
  • Alpha Productions
  • Prep Community Visits
  • Life Education Van
  • Mt Erin Market Day


Student Leadership

Year 6 children at Kingsley Park have the opportunity to run for student leadership roles. Each year the children in the 5/6 module nominate and elect 2 School Captains and 16 House Captains. Children who are running for one of these roles present speeches to their peers.

Once elected, the Student Leadership group is involved in the running of the weekly school assembly and sport days, among other things.

Each year in March, the Student Leadership group are given the opportunity to attend the GRIP (Growth / Relationship / Integrity / People) Student Leadership Conference in the city.

KidsMatter Program

Childhood is a crucial time for growing healthy minds. All children need care and support to develop and learn. Some children need additional help to reach their potential. KidsMatter is a mental health and wellbeing framework for primary schools and early childhood education and care services, and is proven to make a positive difference to the lives of Australian children.


About KidsMatter in Primary Schools:

Information Sheets:

Tip Sheets about Children’s Mental Health:


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