Our Community



The KPG are a dedicated group of people who unite together to run fabulous events for Kingsley Park Primary School. Fundraising is a very important part of any group and ours is no different. We try to raise funds for equipment that may be out of the general reach of the school budget, such as portable interactive whiteboards.

We usually run one major fundraiser for the year, then throughout the year hold smaller, fun activities to keep the funds coming in. All of the events are planned at our regular monthly KPG meetings and then taken to School Council for approval.


The KPG Committee
There is a basic core group to the KPG and thes are the co-ordinators who keep a flow of information to all parents and volunteers.Our group mainly consists of parents who have the time to take a more active role in the group.


  • Hayley Laird
  • Joanna Abbott
  • Rebecca Savage


Our meetings are held in the school’s Community Room aproximately once a month. We meet after drop off and take this time to organise what fundraising ideas we have, summarise events we have just run, plan the term’s events, remind each other of things and generally just chat. Please feel free to come along and listen to what’s being discussed. We value new ideas and look forward to chatting with each other. The kettle is always on for a cuppa.

Community Room
The KPG has been fortunate enough to secure the Community Room to hold our meetings in and to store all of our goodies. Its size also means that we have an area for the little children to play in so our meetings are child friendly. This room is also used for our new parents on Orientation Days and the first week of school. You can pop in and grab a cuppa (or a tissue) and have a chat with other KPPS parents.

KPG Newsletter
The KPG hand out a newsletter once a fortnight. It is our direct path to parents in our school. When you get this newsletter, please take the time to read it, mark things on your calendar and return relevant forms.

How Can You Help?
There are many ways to get involved in the KPG. At different times we need different kinds of help. It may be collating forms, wrapping presents, serving food, collecting vouchers/stickers or recruiting donations. Just supporting our fundraisers is a way of helping.


Jetsetter is an eMagazine that Kingsley Park regularly contributes to. It provides us with an opportunity to get children’s writing published.

It is important that children understand that writing is a way to express our feelings or ideas and an important tool for communicating with others.

When writing, children need to be aware of the purpose and their audience. Taking pride in creating great writing for others to enjoy is something that we attempt to promote in our classrooms at Kingsley Park.

Check out the latest edition of the Jetsetter magazine by clicking on the links below. You’ll find some of the fantastic art work made by our 1/2 children and stories, descriptions and poems written by some of our year 6s.

Jetsetter Volume 39 Artwork

Jetsetter Volume 39 Writing

KPPS Staff

Get to know the 2015 KPPS Staff.


Principal: Gill Gray

Assistant Principal: Marc Bressan

Business Manager: Jan Watkins

Leading Teacher – Teaching and Learning: Louise Milne
Leading Teacher – Literacy: Debbie Westhead
Leading Teacher – Numeracy: Courtney Mason


020 – Samantha Gilchrist
021 – Bree Bacon
023 – Kate Cox

Year 1:
101 – Courtney Mason / Louise Milne
103 – Paul Leslie
104 – Lynda Cameron

Year 2:

202 – Patrick Galante

205 – Scott Bloomfield
206 – Stephanie Van Twuiver/Kellie Fillis

Year 3:
316 – Leonie Heeley
318 – Yvonne Reed
Year 3/4:
3408 – Trish Papettas

Year 4:
417 – Kieron Quick
419 – Danae Maini / Mai Stodden

Year 5/6
569- Niambh O’Reilly
561 – Donna Fogarty

562 – Scott Gardner
563 – Debbie Westhead / Louise Milne

Music: Kenneth Mills

PE: Kathryn Garrity

Art: Rebecca Gilbert

LOTE: Rachelle Kregor

Ros Carlton
Jo Gutteridge

Integration Aides:
Zana Cameron                          Bill Griffin
Cap French                                Mel Croon
Natalie Walsh                            Ni Murphy
Andrea Whiteside
Jo Treveil
Janiene Miller
Kim Williams
Julie Sutton

Speech: Natalie Walsh

Library Technician: Ros Carlton

School Psychologist: Sarah Letho

Speech Pathologist: Paula Gardner

Handyman: Neville Howlett