Kingsley Park Primary School provides a comprehensive curriculum that includes Literacy, Numeracy, Humanities, Science, Health and Physical Education, the Arts and ICT as well as Inter and Intra-Personal Learning.



Early Years and Middle Years Literacy programs are implemented at the school. All literature is graded so children can move through the school being matched to suitable texts. Teachers ensure that every child has the best chance to read as early as practical. A Bridges program runs for children to further support their reading skills. Writing is a high priority across the school, with emphasis on genre and realistic word usage. Children are encouraged to develop their reading through involvement in the Premier’s Reading Challenge and our Lexile program. Regular at home reading is an essential part of our program at all levels.


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Maths is taught at every level of the school, and wherever possible, in a real life or hands on situations where understanding is strengthened and learning can be applied readily to related situations. Learning is scaffolded to enable children to build upon previous understandings. Parent helpers are welcomed. Family Maths nights are held, where parents and children can learn together in a fun situation.


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Information and communications technology (ICT) is the hardware and software that enables data to be digitally processed, stored and communicated. ICT can be used to access, process, manage and present information; model and control events; construct new understanding; and communicate with others.
ICT, an interdisciplinary domain, focuses on providing students with the tools to transform their learning and to enrich their learning environment. The knowledge, skills and behaviours identified for this domain enable students to:

  • develop new thinking and learning skills that produce creative and innovative insights
  • develop more productive ways of working and solving problems individually and collaboratively
  • create information products that demonstrate their understanding of concepts, issues, relationships and processes
  • express themselves in contemporary and socially relevant ways
  • communicate locally and globally to solve problems and to share knowledge
  • understand the implications of the use of ICT and their social and ethical responsibilities as users of ICT.


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Health and Physical Education


At Kingsley Park all students participate in a one hour Physical Education lesson per week.


In junior Physical Education there is a focus on developing Fundamental Motor skills. These skills include throwing, catching, bouncing, running, skipping, hopping and jumping. Students also participate in games to develop spatial awareness and basic game tactics. Students in year 1 and 2 also participate in Junior Cross Country at school.  Students in Prep also participate in weekly PMP (Perceptual Motor Program). This program integrates Literacy and Numeracy whilst strengthening skills.


In middle and senior school, students develop the necessary skills, game understanding and game tactics relating to different sports including Cricket, Soccer, Netball, Basketball, Tennis and Volleyball. Improving and building on their skills and understanding each year. Students in middle and senior school are involved in House Cross Country and House Athletics which allows the opportunity for all students to be selected to represent the school at District events. Students in year 3 and 4 are involved in weekly Sport. Year 5 and 6 participate in weekly sport and have opportunity to participate in Winter and Sumer lightening premiership against other schools. 


The Arts


Arts may be visual, graphic or performing, and take place for every grade in the school. All children have a regular weekly music lesson with a specialist teacher, learning the recorder in Year 3 before being offered the chance to join our instrumental program in Year 4. Offerings include drums, keyboard, flute, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet and guitar. Regular band performances occur at the weekly school assembly as well as a Gala Night in Term 4. Our Wakakirri Performance and module concerts are prominent events.
A specialist art teacher takes each grade for a semester of lessons in the art room. The program includes 2 and 3 dimensional tasks and is related to classroom learning.