Middle School

Middle School

The middle years are looking forward to a productive Term Two.  We hope everyone had some time to relax over the Easter break and are ready for a great second term of learning. Don’t forget, “No Hat No Play” remains in effect September to May. Don’t forget to bring a drink bottle, snack, lunch and fruit each day.


In Literacy, our writing focus is on Narratives and Expositions and in the second half of the term we will be looking at Information Reports. In reading we will continue to look at different reading strategies. We will focus on how to choose a good fit book, what makes a good reader and how readers get better over time. Our main areas for reading comprehension include identifying the purpose, audience and structure of different types of texts, features of different literary texts, language devices used in literary texts and interpreting, analysing and evaluating a range of texts.


Our class novel is ‘Toad Rage’ by Morris Gleitzman, a story about Limpy, a young cane toad who had a narrow escape with becoming roadkill, enters the gates of the Olympic Games and finds a sweet girl who saves him again from being squashed. Limpy tries and fails to have cane toads become the Sydney Olympic mascots. Limpy finally finds a way to protect his family from the terror of the highway.




In term 2 mathematics, our focus is on the areas of: patterns & algebra (number patterns using operations & equivalent number sentences.), fractions & decimals (including money & financial maths). We will also be focussing on symmetry, scales (enlarging and decreasing), directions, using metric units of measurement (length, mass, capacity, temperature & volume) and statistics (Data representation and interpretation).


We strongly encourage the regular use of Mathletics at home (where possible) to practise these areas as well as using Mathletics Live to practise number fluency and times tables.


NAPLAN is 15th -17th May (Week 5) for all Year 3 students. We will continue discussing the different tests and strategies to answer the variety of questions. There are 4 NAPLAN tests: Language Conventions (spelling & grammar), Writing, Reading and Numeracy. A Year 3 NAPLAN Parent Information Letter was sent home during the first week back that outlines the testing procedure in greater detail. Please contact the office if you need another copy.


Our term two topic focus is on Geography, in particular, learning about the importance of environments to animals and people, how they can be protected and the different views on how to do this sustainably. We have an incursion in Week 6 with Wildlife Xposure where students will be able to touch and hold unique animals from around Australia. They will also learn about life cycles, habitats, ecosystems, threatened species and predators vs prey.


During our Social and Emotional learning time we will continue to focus on emotions, exploring what emotions look like, emotional triggers and positive peer support. Our You Can Do It keys are Organisation, Getting Along, Resilience, Confidence and Persistence.


Some special events we have this term are-

3-6 Cross Country Thursday 19th April

ANZAC Day Wednesday 25th April

Mother’s Day Classroom Activities (8:15-9:15am) Thursday 10th May

Curriculum Day Friday 11th May

Radio Show Monday 14th May

NAPLAN Week Tuesday15th- Thursday 17th May

Education Week Dress Up Day Wednesday 23rd May

Wildlife Xposure Incursion Friday 25th May

Queens Birthday Monday 11th June

Last Day of Term 2 (Early Dismissal 2:30pm) Friday 29th June


Our classrooms are open from 8:30am each morning for students to get themselves organised so learning time can start promptly at 8:45am.


Yvonne Reed M11, Scott Gardner M16, Trish Papettas M17, Courtney Mason M18 and Lynda Cameron M19