Middle School

Welcome to a busy term 4!!


We have some exciting things planned.


In Literacy we will continue to build skills and knowledge on our reading strategies and writing traits. The students will review the different text types they have learnt throughout the year such as Narrative, Poetry, Exposition, Procedural, Information Reports and Recounts. There will be two Big Writes this term based on Poetry and Exposition. We will continue to focus on three vocabulary words each week. Remember to ask your child for the definition, synonyms and antonyms for these words. They also have to put the vocabulary words into a 7 up sentence (a sentence of 7 or more words).


Our focus for this term in Mathematics is to continue to develop students’ understanding of fractions and decimals, telling time, measurement and geometry, statistics and probability and problem solving strategies. The students will continue to participate in daily number fluency activities to improve their efficiency and skills in subtraction, addition, multiplication, division and place value.


Our topic for this term is ‘Dream It, Design It, Build It’. The focus will be on the students learning about the different forces such as pull/push, gravity, buoyancy and friction. To support our topic we will be inviting Supreme Incursions to run a workshop called Brickworks. Students will be expected to design, create, test and evaluate a motion of force. As part of our term project, students will create an Explain Everything Project (an iPad App which allows you to record, draw, annotate and video) which will allow them to narrate and reflect on their learning journey about forces and their experiments.




Please feel free to speak to any of the Middle Team Teachers in regards to the learning that is taking place in each classroom, our doors are always open! We look forward to a productive and successful Term 4.

From the Middle Team,

Scott Gardner, Rebecca Gilbert, Trish Papettas, Yvonne Reed and Debbie Westhead