Senior School

Term 1 2018


Welcome back to Term 1,  2018 we are looking forward to a busy, engaging and productive term. We are excited about the program that we have designed. Here is an outline of what we will be covering for first term.

This term our class novel will be ‘Rules’ by Cynthia Lord. It is a story about a young girl with a brother who has autism, over her summer break, she meets some interesting new people and learns valuable lessons about acceptance. Our focus words for our vocabulary work will be drawn from our class novel. We will be exploring Graeme Base, Colin Thompson and Malala Yousafzai as part of our author study work. We will be working on comprehension strategies such as predicting, making connections and summarising, using a variety of texts. We will also be discussing ‘good fit’ books and how to identify them. Students will be focusing on writing expositions and narratives and we will be introducing the Six Traits of Writing. Along with VCOP, they will be using these to improve the quality of their writing and to set personal learning goals. Students will complete Big Writes and one Cold Write this term. We will also explore figurative language as a tool for improving writing. Our speaking and listening focus will be on respectful conversations and accountable talk.




We are all looking forward to a challenging and enjoyable term in Mathematics. Our workshops are soon to Mathsbegin, and students are excited about working with a variety of teachers, as well as students of other classes. Students will be reviewing and increasing their understandings of place value. This is so important in knowing the meaning of numbers, ordering numbers and using the four operations. In fact, place value is the basis of our whole number system! Students will be given the opportunity to learn through a variety of activities including games and interactive software.  Our dedicated problem solving lessons will be aimed at mathematical thinking, flexibility and creativity. We will also be investigating the fascinating world of angles in Geometry. Angles can be seen all around us; in designs, in furniture, in technology and even in athletics! Students will gain skills in recognising the variety of angles and using tools to measure them. Finally, they say that “Time flies when you’re having fun”. We will be putting this to the test as students discover the relationship between 12 and 24 hour time, and apply their knowledge to the calculation of time intervals in real world situations.


Social and Emotional Learning in the Senior Module this term will include teaching lessons from the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships Curriculum and the You Can Do It Program. Our focus for term one is on Emotional Literacy. Students will be exposed to resources that explore links between their emotions and behaviour. They will explicitly be taught skills that will enable them to identify emotions in themselves and others and how to deal with these in varying situations.  A major focus on wellbeing this term will be participation in the National Day Against Bullying and Violence where lessons on cyberbullying and bullying will be planned for students. Participation in Harmony Day will also build the capacity of students to embrace diversity and accept differences in all members of our community. Image result for well being 

We have been lucky to have Ali Tuai from the National Rugby League present to our students on Respect, Belonging and Nutrition. Ali’s presentation will include key messages such as working together to achieve goals, the importance of community connections, respectful relationships and the value of good nutrition and looking after your mental and physical health.



Term 4 2017


Term four will be an engaging and exciting term for us all. Teachers will be organising the Year Six students for their Graduation and guiding them through the transition process to Secondary School. All years will be involved in a transition process this term. Year 6s will have a visit from the Mt Erin Year 7 students to assist them with questions about next year and also a visit from Frankston City Council Youth Services. The Year 5 students will spend the last part of the term rotating through different classes and teachers with the current Year 4s in preparation for their 2018 Year 6 experience.


In English, students will be focusing on writing a variety of texts including procedural, description, narrative as well as composing poetry. Students will complete two Big Writes and one Cold Write on these text types. We will continue to read ‘The Lemonade Wars’ by Jacqueline Davies and explore characters, relationships and learn new vocabulary, which they will be challenged to use in their own writing. Students will also continue to build their knowledge of comprehension strategies and have the opportunity to apply them to a variety of texts. We will continue our author studies with students exploring wonderful authors such as Shaun Tan and Mark Wilson. We are extremely excited about our Mark Wilson visit on Thursday 9th November which will coincide with Remembrance Day. Mark Wilson is a renowned author who writes beautifully about Australia’s involvement in global conflicts such as WWI, WWII, Kokoda, Vietnam and Afghanistan. He is also a remarkable illustrator and environmentalist and has created picture story books about dolphins and whales. As part of his visit he will demonstrate these skills with the students and teach them sketching techniques.


This term in Mathematics the students will take part of our Senior Workshops where they will continue to develop their understanding of fractions and percentages. In classes they will be consolidating their understanding in various areas of mathematics studied throughout the year. Some of the other key focus areas for this term will be problem solving, geometry and statistics and probability. Students will use their technology to support the explanation of mathematical concepts such as Explain Everything and Book Creator to show their understanding and ability to navigate challenges when solving problems. 


For our integrated unit the Senior School will be focused on ‘Health: Looking After Ourselves and Others’. Within this topic students will be investigating community resources and strategies to seek help about health, safety and wellbeing. Kids Helpline are conducting a virtual classroom session on ‘balancing life and technology’ which will enable students to explore ways to manage use of their technology. As part of their personal development they will also look at how failures can lead to successes and explore some well-known identities that have overcome adversity to succeed. As part of Respectful Relationships students will recognise how media and important people in the community influence personal attitudes, beliefs, decisions and behaviours. Students will explore different scenarios that involve making choices in situations that could contain peer pressure. During Week 3 students will be exposed to lessons from the Daniel Morcombe Curriculum and partake in activities around their safety, particularly situational awareness and making good choices.  The end of the term will combine the Mount Martha Beach Program with curriculum around water safety.


Students look forward to collaborating with one another using their Google Doc apps especially when exploring and completing their project on our integrated unit of ‘Health’. They will continue to use their iPads to support their learning and showcase their understanding.


The Senior Teachers are looking forward to working with the children in a very busy but rewarding Term 4, to end a fantastic 2017. Senior Staff are always available if you require additional support of information regarding your child’s learning.