Junior School

Term Two

We hope that everyone had an enjoyable break and we look forward to another productive term.


Our focus for Literacy this term is to continue to build students’ reading skills to solve words, make predictions, summarise simple texts, make inferences and analyse the structures and features of fiction and non-fiction text types. We will continue our work on writing narratives as well as exploring the structure and features of expositions and descriptions. During our regular phonics sessions, students will continue to build their knowledge of short (/u/ like in bus) and long vowel sounds (/oo/ like in moon) and diphthongs (/oi/ like in coin or /ow/ like in cow). This term we will prepare for and present our first oral presentation about a favourite picture story book.


In Mathematics we will have a major focus on addition and subtraction strategies such as counting on, doubles, near doubles, tens facts, fact families as well as different written strategies. It is important that students regularly practise these as we move towards building single-digit number facts. We will be learning to recognise coins and count small collections of money. Plus we will have a visit from the Start Smart Money Program to learn about the value of money and ways to keep their money safe. Other areas of the Mathematics curriculum to be covered includes: 3D shapes, data collection, graphing, months and seasons, measuring mass, location and direction.


The focus of our integrated topic this term is ‘What Makes up our Local Community? Students will explore the services and landmarks of the local area and discuss their historical importance as well as their significance to our community today. By identifying places on maps and using the language of direction and location students will learn simple navigation skills. Through our swimming program at YMCA Somerville, students will explore one of the many places in our community that physical activity can take place as well as learn vital water safety skills.

A reminder that classroom doors are now open from 8:30am for students to come in and get organised for their learning time to begin at 8:45am sharp. Please ensure your child is in the classroom on time each day to help make every minute count.


Please feel free to speak to any of the Junior Team teachers in regards to the learning that is taking place in each classroom, our doors are always open! If you would like to contact us further please do so via phone or through the Sentral Parent portal. We are looking forward to another successful term.


From the Junior Team,


Leonie Heeley (J2), Scott Bloomfield (J3), Sam Gilchrist (J4), Patrick Galante (J5), Stephanie Van Twuiver and Felicity Dexter (J6).

Term 2 Overview 2018

Term 1 Overview 2018 


Physical Education

Year 1 and 2 students will learn the modified team games of Kickball and T-ball. Students will focus on fielding positions and how to improve fielding skills such as: waiting until the ball comes near the area they are standing to get it; not touching the ball if another person has their hand on it; and spreading out while fielding. When scoring students will focus on decision making to score points and we will discuss strategies including areas of the field to hit or kick the ball in order to maximise scoring. Students will also have plenty of opportunities to practise game sense skills in warm up activities such as octopus tiggy, line tiggy, Batman and Robin, toilet tiggy and  fruit salad.


Kathryn Kenway

**Diphthong - a sound formed by the combination of two vowels in a single syllable, in which the sound begins as one vowel and moves towards another.