Junior School

Term Three

We are all looking forward to a very productive term, with lots of exciting events happening throughout the school.


Reading and writing remain an important focus, with children building their knowledge of text structures and the purposes of each. This term students will be continuing to investigate and build their skills of the writing process, as they build their understanding of the need to plan, write, edit and refine narratives, procedures and information reports. We will continue to connect with texts in various ways, while analysing and synthesising as students search for important information. This helps us to understand what authors do to engage readers and relay important facts or feelings.

Starting off this term in phonics, we will be reviewing the spelling choices for long vowels and we will then focus on ‘r controlled vowels’ : air/are (as in hair/square), ar/a (as in car/banana), ar/eer as in (hear/deer), er/ir/or/ur (as in fern/shirt/worm/fur) and or/a/au/aw/oor (as in fork/ball/ sauce/saw/door).


This term we will continue to build our knowledge in all areas of Numeracy. Students will explore the relationship between skip counting, repeated addition and multiplication. They will solve multiplication problems using repeated addition, groups of and arrays. In conjunction with this we will also investigate and solve division problems by drawing or grouping objects into equal groups. Towards the end of the term in Number we will continue learning about how to recognise halves, quarters and eighths of shapes and collections.

In the other areas of mathematics we will look at measuring area using informal units, investigate one-step slides and flips, describe and continue patterns of half and quarter turns and continue learning how to tell the time. Students will also continue to sharpen their problem solving skills by implementing learned strategies in a special lesson each week. Strategies used include ‘Guess, Check, Improve’, 'Draw a Picture’, ‘Use a Table’,  ‘Act it Out’ and ‘Use Materials’.


Students will be extending their knowledge and skills of using basic word processing programs such as Microsoft Word. iPads will also be a focus, using a range of apps to develop digital technology skills and to develop digital creativity.

Topic - Mix It Up!

Our integrated unit this term focuses on the Science curriculum and is called ‘Mix it Up’. Students will learn about what happens when different materials are mixed together. They will investigate those that don’t mix well, and others that are difficult to separate. Through hands-on investigations, students will explore how changing the quantities of materials in a mixture can alter its properties and uses. They will explore their curiosities about everyday experiences and will use strategies to help them ask and answer questions about mixing chemicals.

SEL (Social and Emotional Learning)

During our SEL sessions this term the students will continue to focus on the You Can Do It Keys in partnership with the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships Program and in particular it’s unit on Positive Coping Strategies. Through whole class, small group and independent activities and games the students will be given opportunities to:

  • reflect upon their emotional responses,
  • discuss ways in which they can take responsibility for their actions,
  • describe ways to express emotions which show awareness of the feelings and needs of others
  • Identify ways in which to relax, calm down and redirect unhelpful emotional responses and
  • practice techniques to deal with feelings of fear, frustration and anger


Term 3 Overview 2018


A reminder that classroom doors are now open from 8:30am for students to come in and get organised for their learning time to begin at 8:45am sharp. Please ensure your child is in the classroom on time each day to help make every minute count.


Please feel free to speak to any of the Junior Team teachers in regards to the learning that is taking place in each classroom, our doors are always open! If you would like to contact us further please do so via phone or through the Sentral Parent portal. We are looking forward to another successful term.


From the Junior Team,


Leonie Heeley (J2), Scott Bloomfield (J3), Sam Gilchrist (J4), Patrick Galante (J5), Stephanie Van Twuiver and Felicity Dexter (J6).


Physical Education

Year 1 and 2 students will be participating in soccer activities at the beginning of term 3, focusing on improving control with a soccer ball and will be learning basic rules and game play through modified games of soccer. Students will be participating in dance activities focusing on creating movements of their choice to music and following along with teacher led dances towards the end of term. Students will be focusing on team relay warm ups in which they will strengthen skipping, hopping, jumping and running skills. These relays also are great teaching points for working in a team as well as strengthening sportsmanship. Of course there is always time to have a game of tiggy which students highly enjoy.


Kathryn Kenway

Performing Arts - Music

Years 1 and 2 students will be investigating beat and rhythm. We will be exploring a variety of songs and instrumental pieces, listening for different instruments, feeling the beat and determining different patterns of sound. Following on from our unit on beat, students will begin to investigate rhythm and learn basic notation. They will have plenty of opportunities to play different rhythmic patterns on a variety of percussion instruments, as well as composing their own rhythmic patterns. Toward the end of Term 3, we will extend our rhythm unit to include simple pitch and melody work.

In week 3 we will be performing our whole school production- an original show, “It’s About Time”. This is the first time we have produced a production for the whole school, and all of the students are very excited for performance night.

Fortnightly assembly performances will continue, and we encourage parent attendance to support our performing students.

All students also have access to our private instrumental program. Kingsley Park offers Keyboard, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Voice and Guitar lessons. Information about the instrumental program can be collected from the school office.

Jess Emery