Term Four News


In Term 4 our Numeracy focus in Prep is subtraction, division and problem solving along with revision of all areas covered. We will continue to work revise numbers 0 to 20 to ensure all children have a strong understanding of numbers 0 to 20 including counting forwards and backwards and addition as they head to Grade 1.

In Literacy we will continue to look at vowel sounds, including sounding these out when reading and hearing the sounds to write them. We will continue to look at comprehension strategies with our main focus being retelling the story including characters, setting, main idea and sequencing the story. In Writing children will be focussing hearing sounds in the words they’re writing and writing a recount of personal experience (eg. On the weekend).

Our topic focusses on the Biological Sciences. The children will learn about living things such as plants and animals and how to care for them and their basic needs; including food, water and shelter. They will also learn about how animals grow and change.

The Prep children will participate in the Prep/1/2 Concert which links with our topic and will be all about animals. The children will be practising their concert items during Music and for short periods throughout the beginning of Term 4.

Towards the end of Term 4 the Prep will be involved in a whole school Transition which will consist of 4 sessions where they will visit the Grade 1 classrooms and do some activities with the current Junior teachers.
Please feel free to speak to any of the Prep Teachers in regards to the learning that is taking place in each classroom, our doors are always open! We look forward to a productive and successful Term 4.