Term One News


Welcome to our 2018 new Prep students and families!


We are so excited to have our new students this year and to begin our learning journey together. We have lots in store for the term! We begin the term with a school tour to familiarise the students with the different areas of the school including the sick bay, the office and their specialist rooms. We will do a lot of getting to know you activities so we can get to know the students and they can get to know each other.


We begin the term with the Prep students spending their recess and lunchtime separate from the rest of the school. This will allow them to feel comfortable with their surroundings and know what to do when they have a problem out in the yard.  The Prep students will also be meeting their Year 5/6 buddies. They will be helping them out in the playground and assist them in learning our school rules.


We are thrilled to have great new ICT devices within our Prep classrooms this year. Both rooms are now fitted with a TV that are great for enhancing every lesson. We also have a class set of iPads available for the Preps as well as Laptops to learn important keyboard and mouse control skills.




Below are the areas we will be focusing on this term:


In English we will be learning…

To write our names

The names and most common sounds of the alphabet

Handwriting – forming letters

Fine motor activities for handwriting


In Maths we will be learning…

Ordering and valuing numbers 0 to 10

The names of the days of the week

Basic 2D shapes


In Social/ Emotional learning we will be...

Our You Can Do It keys- main focus on Getting Along

Learning about our emotions



We look forward to getting to know you all and having a great first term. If you would like to contact us further please do so via phone or through the Sentral Parent portal.


     Bree Bacon (P22) and Kate Cox (P20).