School Uniform

The following dress code states the expectations Kingsley Park Primary School Council holds with regard to student appearance. This code will apply during school hours, while travelling to and from school and when students are engaged in school activities out of school hours. The Kingsley Park student dress code takes precedence over student’s individual preference in matters of dress. In developing this code, opportunities for the viewpoints of students, parents and teachers have been made available through public meetings, newsletter articles and surveys, Sub-Committee meetings, Parents and Friends Association meetings and School Council meetings. Purposes of the Kingsley Park Dress Code:

  1. to create a sense of collective and individual pride in Kingsley Park Primary School students and their identification with our school
  2. to assist in individual student safety and group security when travelling to and from school and on school excursions and activities
  3. to promote active and safe participation in school life
  4. to promote a sense of equality by removing the distraction of fashion garments/brands

Anti-discrimination Laws: The Kingsley Park Dress Code neither discriminates directly or indirectly against students on the basis of their sex, race, ethnic group, nationality, religious beliefs, colour, disability or socio-economic circumstances. The dress code will apply uniformly across all students except for the exemptions listed below. School Uniform: Range of items as available.


  • Summer Dress Cleolene No. 8019
  • Rugby Shorts Cotton / French Navy
  • Gaberdine Shorts Elasticised Waist (Reinforced Pockets) / French Navy
  • Skorts Elasticised Waist / French navy
  • Polo Shirt Short and Long Sleeve Embroidered Logo striped collar Navy / Magenta
  • Long Line Top Fleecy / Drop Sleeve Navy with Embroidered Logo
  • Windcheater Drop sleeve Navy with Embroidered Logo
  • Bomber Jacket Drop Sleeve / Studs / Two Pockets / 2 Striped Collar and Cuffs / Embroidered Logo
  • Skivvy Cotton / Embroidered School Name Navy/Magenta
  • Track Pants Fleecy with or without Knee Pads / Navy
  • Jacket Navy in approved design.
  • Tights Cotton / lycra rib / navy
  • Sports Uniform Magenta Polo with embroidered School Logo plus Navy Skorts / Shorts, etc as appropriate to sport played.


  • Socks Navy to be worn at all times
  • Shoes / Boots Black lace-up, buckle or pull on

No thongs, slip-on shoes or open toed sandals. Gym shoes or runners to be black.


  • School Bag Ergonomic with logo / Navy
  • Hat Full Brim / Cord / Navy with Embroidered School Logo
  • Beanie (winter) Embroidered with school name / Navy
  • Art Smock Protective and appropriate
  • Library Bag
Hair must be tied back. Minimum necessary hair accessories in school colours. Natural hair colours only. No make-up including nail polish. No jewellery except one set of sleepers / studs in lower earlobes. Watches permissible upon parent approval

Exemptions from the Dress Code:

(i) Grounds for seeking an exemption: Exemptions from the dress code may be sought if:

  • an aspect of the code offends a religious belief held by the student and/or parents
  • an aspect of the code prevents the student from complying with a requirement of his or her ethnic or cultural background
  • an aspect of the code prevents students with disabilities from being able to attend school or participate in school activities on the same terms as other students
  • a student has a particular health condition that requires an aspect of the code to be departed from
  • the student or the parents can demonstrate temporary economic hardship that prevents them from complying with the code
  • after due consideration, by the Principal, of any other particular circumstances as demonstrated by the students or parents

(ii) Procedures for seeking an exemption:

  • Requests for exemption are to be made to the School Principal in writing. Strict confidentiality will be observed with regard to the reasons given by parents to substantiate their request for exemption

(iii) Procedures for granting an exemption:

  • The Principal will determine whether an exemption can be granted by referring to the grounds for exemption outlined above
  • The Principal will provide a summary report of applications for exemption at the following School Council meeting and seek ratification of the consequent recommendations
  • The Principal shall keep a written record of the decision on the applications in case the decision is questioned subsequently.


Review of Dress Code:

A review, with amendments if necessary, will be undertaken when the School Council determines it to be necessary. Ongoing reviews have and will take the form of consultation with staff, parents and students. The School Council will ensure the school community is informed prior to the commencement of major changes.

Enforcement of the Dress Code:

Students who infringe the dress code will receive a graded series of sanctions: (i) Initial Offence: The child will be given an infringement card following a discussion with a staff member. After three (1) infringement card, step (ii) will be initiated (ii) Continued Offence: Parents will be notified of the ongoing infringement/s and an infringement notification will be mailed home. Parents are asked to sign the notification and return the form to the Principal. (iii) Ongoing Offence: The student’s parents will be asked to attend the school to discuss the concerns with the school Principal / Assistant Principal The student will be given an after school detention Further consequences, for any subsequent breaches, will be at the Principal’s discretion. Children who infringe the dress code will not be able to represent the school, in the community, for optional educational activities. The school uniform is to be worn on all school excursions unless alternative arrangements have been authorised by the Principal. If a child presents not wearing the appropriate uniform (P/1/2) then a staff member shall attempt to contact a parent, but the child may be excluded from the activity, if deemed appropriate by the Principal. Individual student safety and group security, when outside the school environment, must be prioritised. Children will not be withdrawn from classroom instruction because of any infringement of the dress code.

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